Lot 1 is a Musgrave Stunner son.  We have been super impressed with our Stunner offspring!  This guy has one of the highest weaning weight ratios offered in our sale and we are so impressed by his momma that we added her to our donor pen.  Don’t miss out on this bull!!


Lot 2 is a Stunner son out of a JD Pay Dirt cow.  What a combination!  Check out this guy’s numbers…..impressive IMF and ribeye. 

Check out Lot 4!!  Stunner son out of an Upshot daughter.  Best WW ratio on our offering!  Great marbling numbers – top 20% of the angus breed! 

Lot 6 is a Stunner son that offers all the looks.  Super long, excellent disposition.  This guy would be a great addition to your herd!

Check out Lot 13!  This Capitalist son is an absolute powerhouse!!  He will make a great cow bull and his numbers are impressive!!!  Take a look at this guy’s ribeye!!!

Lot 17 is a great cow bull!  Full brother to Lot 1 from our 2020 sale.  7.24 IMF….largest IMF on our offering!!

Check out Lot 22!  This Angus bull would be a great addition to your ranch….lots of power and a great disposition!!!

Check out Lot 26!  This bull is an Upshot son who is a maternal sib to Lot 1 from our 2021 sale.  This bull would make an excellent cow bull and offers a great deal of muscle and shape.

Lot 32 is an impressive SimAngus bull that    will work on heifers.  ACW Ironhide son.     Check him out!

Looking for a hereford bull? Here ya go! This guy has the looks and disposition!!!  Lot 41 is a Boyd 31Z Blueprint Son.